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Bags in Trunk

Who wants to look like everyone else at the grocery store?  Not us!  That's why we LOVE our Really Cute eco-friendly bags.  They are so much cuter than the bags you get at the grocery/box store, you can personlize them with your name or monogram, and, since we only have limited runs of each pattern (once they're gone, they're gone) you don't have to worry about seeing 100 people at the store with the same bag!

Here's how it works: you pick the bag style (get it when you see it - when it's gone, it's gone), you pick the monogram style and the color for your monogram (or let us pick for you).  We put it together and send it your way.  And, it's still just $20.00 for a bag with monogram!  $20.00 to be the cutest eco-friendly girl in the store ... maybe you should order 2

Bag Style
Monogram Style
Monogram Color
First Name & Middle Name
Last Name