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You'll wish you thought of this!

Lipstick Holder

It's been a busy week at Really Cute Stuff and when life gets a little hectic, we think organization helps!  Don't you feel better when you look in your purse, or your closet, or your car, or your fridge and everything is organized?  We do!  Which is why we wanted to share this little trick.  Seriously, it's an easy thing you can do to help keep your sanity.

We HATE having things floating around in the bottom of our purses.  Having to take out 10 things to get to the bottom to find the one thing we're looking for, which is why this tip is a huge life saver ... and it's easy.  If you ever transport flash drives (or even memory cards) in your purse, invest in a lipstick holder.  We know, you're not a lipstick person ... us either.  But a lipstick holder can hold 2-3 flash drives and keeps the little boogers from flopping around the bottom of your purse!  And, they're really inexpensive.  Depending on how cute a holder you want, a couple of dollars is all it will take.  The one in these photos cost $2.00!  And it's cute!

So, invest in a lipstick holder (or two) and corral your flash drives.  The next time you need to find one you won't have to dump out your entire purse just to find what you're looking for!

Have a great weekend!

Lipstick Holder 2